Ginger is sick

Ginger is suffering with bladder stones. She has had issues before but it has been some years. The vet says she is one of those dogs who creates them.
We are tettering on the edge as she needs surgery NOW not ASAP but NOW and we don’t have the funds. We will shortly but we have to find a way to do the ~$700 surgery NOW or put her down as she is suffereing.
We are broken hearted as we struggle and seek help so we can do the surgery and save our otherwise helathy dog. OK she has cateracts and is a bit hard of hearing but her heart, lungs and kidneys are those of a much younger dog.
We are hoping friends/family can help us out temporarily. As soon as I get paid for the classes I”ve been teaching everything will be back in peachy shape.

We’ve been examining options regarding towing a vehicle with the RV. Our current mini van would require a tow dolly which is difficult for me to handle on my own so we traded it for a Saturn that can be flat towed. Paying for that wiped out our savings leaving us nothing for Ginder’s needed surgery.

We trust things will work out somehow but have no idea how at this moment.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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