Glen and I have been doing some walking. Sometimes indoors at the mall other times, like today, outside around the apartment complex or some such. Ginger came too today. Of course she had to pick this occasion to roll in the mud so I had to give her a bath. That in itself is serious exercise! I have been kind of off and on with the exercise otherwise.

I’m nearly finished with the one or the two quilts I’ve had in the works for over a year! Stitched the last of the top today which enlarged it from the original pattern as a 76 x 76 to a king size. I’ll cut the backing tomorrow and pin/baste the layers so I can start the quilting process. This one is going to be unique. I’m going to finish it off as a standard quilt but I;m also going to take a king flat sheet from the thrift store and some Velcro to make a backing so it can be a duvet cover. I’m working on a design for a “big girl” quilt for Emma. I made a crib size one when I made Eion’s twin size. (Actually it’s more a toddler bed size so he’ll probably have to have a new one too.)

We have to postpone our ASL classes although I have been learning new “words” using an internet site.

Jenn and I “did music” the other evening. I have been practicing my flute but it is more fun when I have company! Jenn and I have a book of flute/clarinet duets.

We are getting closer and closer to “R” day (R is for runaway) so Glen and I’ve been going through books and..well actually EVERYTHING to decide what will go in the RV, what will be stored with the idea that we’ll use it when we move to a retirement community, what to donate, what to give one kid or the other and what is to be junked. It’s hard work but we are making progress.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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