Merry Christmas!

Dec. 26th and Yes, it is still Christmas!

Woke up feeling very refreshed and ready for most anything. Yesterday was a long day! We spent the morning with the goodies Santa left in our stockings, eating yummy breakfast, making some things for my Mom and relaxing a bit. Went to my Mom’s in Des Moines, WA for the dinner at Wesley Terrace where she is a resident.

After dinner we relaxed in her room to catch our breath as Glen was doing two vesper services – one at Wesley Gardens and then the second one at Wesley Terrace. The “Two Wesleys” are across the street from each other. The have a guest preacher do their weekly Sunday evening vesper services. The guest has the evening meal at the Gardens, does vespers there then goes across the street to The Terrace to do vespers there. The resident committees have a list they cycle through based on availability. Christmas Day evening, when it falls on a Sunday, is hard to find someone for.  By the time we were through we were very tired but it had been a lovely day!

This morning we went out to breakfast and to do a few errands. Afterwards we dropped Glen at home and Jenn and I went up to Joann Fabric and Craft. Jenn needed to get supplies to make some thank you cards and I wanted to take advantage of the sale on quilting supplies to pick up a new ironing board sized cutting board as my current one is in poor shape. These may be self-healing but after a while they are just dead! On our way in we saw a fella being given a bit of a hard time by the local mall cops. He was clean, neatly dressed with a roll-a-board suitcase and a backpack. The suitcase and backpack looked nearly new. I thought to myself that if he was still there when we came out I’d see if he needed help.

Sure enough when we came out he was still sitting there. Basic story – passing through to go back home after spending Christmas with relatives.  Ran out of money. Could we give him something toward breakfast? So Jenn and I pooled our ones to give him $7. His grace in his gratefulness made for a delightful exchange.

We stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things. While we were shopping a gal came up. Before she spoke I knew she wanted something. She was tidy and smartly dressed although not fancy. Needed to get to Vashion to meet with family. Some relatives had chosen at the last minute to come so everybody was doing a late holiday get together. Would we give her cash if she used her food card to buy our groceries? I said sure we’d meet her up front in a bit when we’d finished our shopping. Jenn and I decided we must have an “Ask us” sign stamped on our forehead! and then remembered we sort of do as we were both wearing our crosses visibly.

Worked out great. She helped take the groceries to the car and load them and I gave her a couple extra bucks. Interesting how things work – I would have given the first fella a $10 if I had one. I did not but gave him $7. I had not planned to give the gal anything extra but the amount she paid was just under $80 so I gave her $80. The extra few bucks made our total giving for the day the $10.

So now I’m feeling very warm and fuzzy and deeply grateful that I can show my love for God’s people by helping those He places in my path.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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