I’m sitting here in the RV having my morning coffee and remembering.

It is our 40th wedding anniversary! We actually made it this far! And can truly say it has been a good life! I could add something like ‘for the most part’ but I am preferring the positive so will just say it has been a good life. How could we appreciate the sun if we did not have rain? How could I appreciate the good life if there were no bumps in the road?

We are looking forward to moving permanently into the RV. Here too there are bumps, in this case in the mattress! I’m having some difficulty adjusting to this bed although it doesn’t really have bumps or lumps just a bit too firm for my fibro/arthritis pained body. We did have a surprise when I got somethings out of a cupboard and found water! In spite of heavy rain and some snow no more water has appeared so it is a mystery where the water came from. But back to the subject…..memories.

I was thinking back to our wedding as one might on their anniversary and could not help but think of those who are gone but were present at our wedding…my Dad, my brother Steve, Glen’s parents, my uncle Harvey and other friends and relatives who have passed. There is sadness along with the joys of the 40 intervening years.

It is also a time of planning as we contemplate the coming years. We are safe, warm, well feed and ready to continue the adventure that life is for us. We recognize our blessings and count you, our friends, as a significant part of those blessings and hope to see many of you in our coming travels!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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