Elma, WA

We are out and about in the RV. We’ll be out for not quite two weeks. Not traveling but rather perched at the Travel Inn in Elma, WA. This is the longest we’ve been in this coach.
We don’t have any big plans but are doing some maintenance while out. Somehow trying to plan fixing just never happens when we are in the apartment! So
Rearrange the video cabinet which includes removing the original metal box so the Dish DVR and the DVD player will fit in there. Eventually the Wii will be in there too. The metal box was for the original controls which split to allow the rear TV to be on a different channel. This is totally different from the way Dish handles this. Of course the box also handled the switch between VCR and TV but the TV we’ll be putting in here accepts multiple inputs directly so again no need for the box! For now we are using the original TV but we’ll move our TV from the apartment living room to here as we are moving out of the apartment.
Fasten jackknife sofa down. We knew the sofa was loose but had no idea what a poor job was done putting it in! The RV was somewhat refurbished. Generally the carpets are replaced when refurbishing and that is where the problem is here. They put the new carpet on top of the old which meant the screws for the sofa were only going through the two layers of carpet and the foam padding! Duh! Of course it was wobbly! I tried some months ago to put longer screws in but was only partially successful. Today Glen cut the carpet – all layers – and the foam padding, pre-drilled holes and then was able to get the screws in properly. All this while crawling around on the floor with his prosthesis off!
Just before we left home, I worked on the kitchen faucet. The handle would not stay on and you had to hold your mouth just right to get the water to turn off. Works much better now!
Later I need to re-stitch the front curtain to the pull tab as the one side has come apart. It was partially off when we bought the coach.
I bought cording so I can rehang the stained glass Madonna which will add to the “we’re home” atmosphere. My kitchen is well organized but I need to finish organizing the bathroom.
It all takes a bit of work to get fully organized but we are getting closer and closer to being fully ready to live in the RV full time!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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