Seeing friends

Went to a Good Sam rally in Lynden, WA where we saw Sara and Randy! The rally was fun but being with Sara and Randy was gold!
We will be going to the Samboree in Moses Lake the end of the month. We are doing repair work and modifications to the RV and packing out the apartment. Current plan is to head for the BC Samboree in mid June and not return to the apartment.
Plans are not firm but we may visit Barb and Jonathan in Omak, WA after the BC Samboree and then spend a couple of weeks at Ponderosa Pines in Cheney, WA. Ponderosa Pines is another park in the collection where we can stay at minimal cost. I haven’t seen Barb in years and years and have not met Jonathan.
We’ll be back in the Kirkland area mid July as Jenn and I are both working VBC at St. John’s.
After that we plan to hang out in WA and do some tourist things. Jenn specifically wants to see things she vaguely remembers from her childhood like Mt. St. Helen’s, there was nothing but the start of fireweed there last time we were in the area, and places we’ve talked about but she has never seen!
Later we will start a leisurely trek towards Anaheim to meet with Jessi and family. We’ll stay cheap along the way but also do tourist explorations. We’ve been up and down between WA and CA many times but seen little as we were aimed at the destination rather than the trip! We may have a destination but we have time too.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

One thought on “Seeing friends”

  1. Hey Becky, sounds like a lot of fun. How about stopping in Bellingham on your way to BC. Your cousin Audrey would love to see you and visit a bit.

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