I love my Mother 2nd verse

Yesterday Mom called for the third day in a row to tell me I did not need to come home early from an RV trip to take her to the doctor. Now there is the obvious problem that she’s called three days in a row to tell me this but it’s worse than that. I am not currently out of town on an RV trip. I do plan to go out of town the day after her scheduled appointment but am not currently out of town. She has the ins and outs backward even though we sometimes discuss this repeatedly in a single conversation.

I tried to not let her know what she’d done but at one point she stopped and very tearfully said “I’ve told you this already haven’t I?” I had to be honest and say yes which upset her further. I also told her again that I felt I needed to take her but she told me in no uncertain terms that she was perfectly capable of going to the doctor on her own. She doesn’t recognize that her doctor doesn’t want her to come on her own. as she forgets why she is there and then can’t recall later what he told her.

We are discussing the revised appointment for the second time today and she tells me she is tired and wishes God would just let her go.

As my father used to say “Getting old is not for the weak” I will add it is tough on the children too.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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