Oops! I broke it

Well it is my turn. First trip with the RV Glen broke the shower which required professional repair. This trip has been my turn to do stupid stuff.

On arrival at Moses Lake Jenn helped me put up (hmm should that be pull down?) the awning. I forgot the step to tighten the stabilizer knobs. No issue until the wind picked up Saturday evening and the whole thing started flapping pretty seriously. A friend across the way noticed it just as I stepped out to put the awning up (back in/away). It was nice to have his assistance as the wind was strong. Handling an awning in the wind is not easy. Fortunately no damage to the awning.

We are at the town of Coulee Dam at an RV park now. On arrival we went to activate the slide out and a noise caused Jenn to stop the slide as both Glen and I said stop! The lock box was blocking the slide! EEK! Unfortunately there is some breakage but not too bad. The bottom foot or so of the decorative trim broke off as the metal underneath bent. Glen was able to use metal screws to pull the metal strip back into place pretty close to normal and then glued and screwed the decorative piece back in place. The slide out works which is the really critical thing. Also discovered while setting up that I forgot to pick up the galley floor mat which now is jammed under the front edge of the slide in the galley space. not critical but a nuisance and no idea how we’ll get it out!

I guess it was just my turn to break something.

In spite of the trials we enjoyed the Samboree in Moses Lake although Glen wasn’t feeling particularly well and are looking forward to exploring the Coulee Dam area. We will be here tonight, June 3rd and tomorrow night then head for Bellevue and the apartment on Tuesday the 5th.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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