Morning has broken

This is delightful! I’m sitting out on the “patio” sipping my coffee listening to the birds and periodically my silly dog (sigh) who is barking at a neighbor dog. Except for the silly barking this is truly lovely! I read the mail, which is not always pleasant, but doing it from my iPad means no paper mess which is nice.

We still need to permanently resolve the issue of the leaking toilet. We need a new one that is built to withstand Glen’s size and weight and it needs to be mounted with an eye to that concern also. We’ve made arrangements to do this after payday. The mobile service tech who was out here to look at it is familiar with the issue, will order the toilet without prepayment and is scheduled to do the install.

Our satellite dish was damaged when it fell over in heavy winds shortly after we arrived here. After some effort to get support, Glen fixed it himself and we now have TV. The Dish folks are very supportive when it comes to phone support of alignment and reception issues but we are on our own when it comes to equipment issues as a “mobile” rather than ground based customer. Initially I was quite upset but it turned out to be an easy fix. I intend to do an article for the RV forum as I see this as a weakness in this type of dish that could happen to anyone.

Yesterday afternoon Jenn and I made music. She got out her clarinet and I my flute and we played together! It is a bit of a challenge as I have to transpose on the fly since the clarinet is a B flat instrument versus the flute which is a C instrument. I manage ok but get really confused when I need to change octave as well as transpose! For some reason my brain goes into dither mode! It will take practice but we can do it! Overtime we want to get where one of us plays the melody and the other a harmony part but I need to get better at the transpose on the fly thing first! We are nowhere near ready to add Glen on guitar but that too will come. What I really need is a copy of the Red book (Episcopal folks will know which this book is) for a B flat instrument!

I had a visitor yesterday. A fellow was trimming the bushes near our space when I first came out with my flute. Jenn and not joined me yet. I was playing some well known hymn. As I finished he walked over with a smile and a “I know that song!” perfect opening! so I told him what RV Ministries is about and invited him to stop by with his wife for coffee. And so it begins! He commented that he knew of others in the park who would welcome an opportunity for Christ centered conversation and I said the more the merrier any time we are out on the patio or just come a knocking!

We will be planning the next month and will keep folks apprised of what is up through the web site so feel free to drop on by if you are in the neighborhood! RV Ministries

A happy day to all!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

2 thoughts on “Morning has broken”

  1. Have you considered / would most RV parks allow a sign? Sandwich board type or something? I know we’ve talked about fliers to post where allowed, but something like a sign could be nice when you’re “open for business”, know what I mean?

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