Moving day

We are now at Travel Inn in Elma, WA. We arrived the 1st of August.

It was a busy day! The day before my brother’s 2nd ex-wife and some of her family visited us in Fall City. Sandy is the only Aunt Jenn really knew so it was good to see her even if briefly. I did some packing up to move out around her visit but most was done the morning of the 1st. Moving out doesn’t usually take much prep time but having been setup in one spot for a month we had a lot to put away!

From Fall City we went to Des Moines intending to have my Mom in for lunch before going on to Elma. We’d been told a place we could park but there were no open spots. Jenn remembered a nearby school so we headed that way. It looked like it would be ok but a bit of a tight turn to get into the lot.

Well it was tighter than expected and I hit a post. There was a ring to fasten a chain that dug into the grill covering the water-heater vent. Fortunately some paint transfer and the smashed grill are the only damage! But that is where the joy started!

Once we were off the post and back on the street we stopped in front of a house with a wide enough paved area even though there was a ‘no parking between signs’ notice. Almost immediately a fella, Bill, came out of the house expressing concern that we were ok. I explained that we’d had a bit of trouble and would move shortly as I pointed to the sign. He said he’d had the sign posted as he could never park in front of his own house and there was no problem we could stay as long as we were gone before 6:00 when his wife would be home from work. So we arranged to stay put for our lunch with Mom! And that is what we did! We shared with him the vision of RV Ministries and gave him one of our brochures.

We had a lovely lunch with Mom which gave her a chance to see us in our new home. We printed family pictures for her so she has current ones. It was a great visit! She is not happy that we are leaving but is excited for us as we venture out! I fully understand her ambivalence as we feel it too as we leave family and friends.

We expressed our thanks to Bill for the use of his parking space as we headed off to Elma! These chance encounters are part of the wonder of this adventure although I could have done without damaging the RV!

We are now set down and set up for our two week stay here in Elma. We discovered after we’d setup that the trees block our view of the southern sky so no satellite TV. We’ve been enjoying the Olympics or we would not care at all. We can watch some via Internet so we will be able to see some events.

We like this park! We have stayed here before. They have a bible study that meets Tuesday and Thursday mornings which we will take part in starting this coming Tuesday. The only thing I don’t like is the laundry here is nowhere near as nice as the laundromat in Carnation that we’ve been using but on the other hand it is on site! Wile doing laundry I got out my sewing machine and repaired Jenn’s duvet cover. Sewing in the laundry room is one of the things I do like about the onsite laundry.

This afternoon looks like it will be sunny. We are planning to drive out to the ocean to prove to Glen that the sun does appear on the Washington coast!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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