Electrical details

I now know more about what happened with our electrical problem. We had incoming! In the form of a power surge from the power company. We were fortunate in that it only fried the wire nuts. It could have toasted the entire electrical system of the coach.

So now….how to prevent future issues. That is easy but a tad expensive. We need to protect against surges but also protect against low voltage. Too low a voltage will fry the air conditioner for instance. Surge protectors for 30 amp systems are about $100 but only protect from spikes not low voltage. There is a special type of surge protector that will shutdown the circuit in case of low voltage and protect from spikes. Those are more like $350. Then there are voltage regulator types that react to low voltage by bumping it up where it needs to be and shifting down a too high condition which provides the best protection and keeps power available under faIrly severe conditions. Those are about $450.

We hope nothing further happens until we can afford the later as it seems penny wise but pound foolish to only protect from one type or have our power shutdown rather than adjust as needed.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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