May seem like an odd title but I could not think of anything else to use and it is Tuesday!

If this were a typical pre-RV Tuesday Jenn and I would be going to meet our Cursillo Reunion Group. We are 1.5 hours from the meeting place so that is not in our plans. We have missed the group the last two weeks and won’t be able to meet physically with them for many months to come. We will try some kind of virtual meeting but that is never the same.

This park has a bible study that meets on Tuesday and Thursday but the couple that run it are away so I don’t expect anyone will be there although we will go to the club house to check it out.

So just what will the plan be for this particular Tuesday? Well we will have Morning prayer about 7:15 to start out the day as it our custom. We will start prepping to pull out as tomorrow we leave this park. I have laundry to do and there are general housekeeping things that get more thoroughly done when we are getting ready to pull out. The dog and I will make our standard round of the park doing meet and greet with business cards in hand. This afternoon we will likely go for a swim although Jenn may have had enough sun since she crisps so easily! Today is mailing day-we send email and snail mail to places along our path where we expect to be over the next month. We’ve restarted our exercise program so that figures into the day too. We will share Evening prayer at 4:30 and Compline at 8:45.

Not exactly exciting but fulfilling. Yesterday I visited and prayed with a couple here in the park. They are full time RVers as we are. A retired couple from Tacoma they travel around as they wish but pretty much stay on the West Coast. He has a wasting muscle disease so she is having to take over more of the coach stuff much as Jenn and I do most of the coach stuff for us.

Speaking of coach stuff…Glen washed the outside windows yesterday! Only problem is it really showed up how dirty the inside is and also left dirty streaks down the sides! Now we really need to wash the whole coach! Perhaps tomorrow as we move out we can find a truck wash. The parks are generally unfriendly about the use of water and the mess of washing a coach on site and this park is no exception!

Good Tuesday to you…I’ll try to think of a better title for my next entry! Morning prayer is at 7:15 everyday, Evening prayer is at 4:30 and Compline at 8:45. Coffee is generally about 10:00 each morning so drop on by if you are in the area. Warning! Morning prayer frequently finds us still in our pjs but decent!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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