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I’m feeling exhausted, a bit depressed but very grateful for neighbors. When Jenn had trouble with the black water valve, Larry called over to see if we needed anything. At the time I did not think so but thanked him for his concern.
Well today I started just after 8:00 to replace the black and grey water drain valves. You have to take the whole assembly out to replace one so it makes better sense to replace both at the same time. Well taking it out was not an issue however going back in was a totally different thing! After Glen and I had mucked with it for a significant time we decided some silicon spray might help based on info on an RVers forum. Of course I cannot find ours and after looking in all the right places and a few silly ones decided somehow we did not have any. I went to ask Larry. He did and lent a hand along with the spray silicon! Have you ever sprayed silicon lubricant and had your propane leak detector go off? Well you haven’t lived until you are trying to work and deal with the silly detector blaring! Anyway it is now 4:45pm. The valves are in but at first the grey water one leaked and would not close all the way. Hmmm ‘not closed all the way’ seems to me that is what started this mess in the first place! Larry took it apart again and put it back together. It does not leak now but the grey water side will not close all the way! Time for professional help! Some would say we need professional help anyway!
Along the way I’ve found there is a leak associated with the water pump, a leak at the drain plug of the water heater and a leak in the water intake valve. It just keeps raining!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

2 thoughts on “Copied from RV Ministries blog”

  1. So, I woke up in the middle of the night last night thinking about water leaks in OUR old RV. What’s THAT about do you think?? Out of the blue! (Maybe we are on the same wave length!) I empathize with you and the leaks, and hope that they are resolved soon. Love you guys!

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