Moving day- to Seaside, OR

Today we started out with a grey water valve that would not close all the way and was leaking. We’d also discovered some minor leaks elsewhere in the coach and when we washed the coach I noticed that there were four holes in the bathroom wall that were wet after the wash down.

Day before yesterday I contacted an RV repair place very near where we were staying in Randle and made arrangements to meet him this morning to fix the grey water valve. Larry our neighbor tried but it was not fixed correctly. Well the fellow at Millennium RV was fantastic! That is the bottom line! While he was fixing the valve Glen walked around his shop finding the seals we’d need for the valve but also a replacement part for the broken filter housing on the water pump. When the fellow was done with the valve he looked at the part Glen had picked out and said he did not thing it was the right one, chose a different part and when I asked him to check it to be sure it was the right one went ahead and took the two minutes it took to put it in. All in all he spend an hour or maybe more on our coach but only charged us for 30 minutes plus parts!

We talked along the way about his life and trials – multiple heart attacks and a couple of strokes, time spent in the service in covert ops, the grocery store he and his wife plan to open near Pakwood which will be easier work than repairing RVs. We also talked about RV Ministries.

In some ways we are not making much progress with the Ministry itself as far as services and workshops go but we have had multiple small encounters and just keep on keeping on and waiting on the Lord to place us where he wants us when he wants us there. Today it was at Millennium RV to get repairs we needed and to listen to one of God’s children and share God’s love in a small way.

By the way, one of our other small leaks in the intake system was resolved with a simple twist. We still have a very minor leak in the water heater and will have to track down the four small holes in the bathroom as they don’t seem to go clear through. Still Life is Good and we are blessed and we see God’s blessing in and on those around us.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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