Salem, OR

We started out this morning headed to Florence, OR. The roads were bumpy, curvy, rough, etc. in short… exhausting. We stopped at Cannon Beach to see Haystack Rock. Jenn will post pictures on shutterfly, stopped at several view points and before we reached Tillamook only 40 miles down the road had decided to leave the coast and head inland. So…here we are at, yes this name is real, Hee Hee Illahee RV Park.

Bit of trouble with the jacks. One is acting flakey, goes part way, stops, goes some more, stops, goes the rest of the way. Does this both in and out. I’m going to look it up but am pretty sure the jacks were one of the things we had serviced recently.

We will be here for three nights so we will explore the Salem area.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

2 thoughts on “Salem, OR”

  1. Hey Becky. While you are in the area (Newport, Florence etc) look for a MO’s chowder house. It has got to be the best in the world. Enjoy a bowl or two for me.

    1. I noticed several of these on the coast. Not sure there will be any now that we are inland but Jenn sure enjoyed the chowder she had at The Wave. Hmm big wave hmmm something like that. We think of you often as we say Morning Prayer.

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