The day begins

Calm….that is what I’m seeking today. Ginger was to the vet yesterday. She has been in pain and that is something we will not allow to continue even if it should been putting her down. Fortunately she still has more good days than bad and is a basically happy dog! Jessi and Brandon gave us a sign when we met them in Anaheim to do Disney. It says ” Beware! Extremely perky dog” in general it suits her! She does have some issues, some correctable and some not. She can’t see well or hear well. Can’t judge directionality of sound and her sense of smell isn’t what it once was. She has “old dog cough” so sometimes sounds like she’s coughing up a fur ball! Biggest issue right now is some issues with her kidneys but worse is trouble with her liver. She has two antibiotics, a pain pill and a supplement for her arthritis. She’ll have repeated blood tests in a month after the pills are gone and she’s been on special food for her liver.
The vet says she is doing remarkably for her age. I loved the way he kept referring to her as a little old lady. Knowing that she is healthy for her age and still happy provides me with calmness and thus the day begins.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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