Old Friends

What a fantastic couple of days! We met with friends Bob and Joy for lunch at In-n-out Burger. We’ve always enjoyed the burgers there but it was seeing Bob, who Glen has always said was his brother from another mother, and Joy that was the real treat! These were special friends at St. Thomas in Temecula when we lived in Murrieta. Of my! That was like 15 years ago? Hmmm more like 17 years ago! Their kids were pretty close in age to ours.

Today we went to church at Christ Church in Fallbrook. Fr. Ed (Freddy to many of us and especially the kids) was there after St. Thomas. Freddy died awhile back but his wife Dee who was in my Cursillo Reunion Group is currently a deacon there. After the service we had lunch in Rainbow not far from the church. Lots of talking and remembering!

After lunch we met Sue and Ed, more friends from St. Thomas, at a Starbucks. Sue was diagnosed with Meniere’s while we were at St. Thomas. We wanted Jenn to have a chance to meet her to discuss survival of their common disease. For Jenn the relationship has changed as she was just a kid and now interacts with these folks as an adult.

We still have folks we hope to see in the area before we move on to the Phoenix area at the end of the week.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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