Melissa, TX

We are in Melissa, TX at an RV park – Lighthouse RV. It is nice. Many of the spaces even have grass and there are lots of trees. We are about 10 miles from Suzanne and Eric!

Yesterday I spent time with Suzanne. We setup in her project room where we sewed. She was converting a dress into a skirt and making some napkins while I was working on piecing the current quilt. We are company for each other but it is frequently quiet company as we don’t talk constantly.

Today is project time at home. Glen drilled out the old screws in the armrest for the jackknife sofa so new screws could be put in. Jenn has been studying. I’ve been doing laundry and put a touch on light under the sink, put up hooks for potholders behind the stove, secured a picture we’ve had to take down every time we switch to travel mode and similarly secured the clock over the dinette. Making bread is next up.

There are multiple other minor projects on the list but they will have to wait. I was extremely dizzy last night and the meds have me a bit hungover so my energy level has run low.

We definitely like this lifestyle we’ve chosen although it does have I inconveniences. Jenn does not especially like having to put her bed away every morning. I don’t like having to move the vacuum and other things to get at my project box and no one likes getting up from their seat at the dinette if I need something from under the seat. But we like living so close to outdoors and enjoy the change of venue when we travel to a new spot.

We intend to stay here though Christmas. I will sing….oh! I forgot! The hearing in my right ear is better so I can tone match again! My left ear is still very deaf and likely will remain so but the right one is more normal, not great but better. So I can sing and will sing with the choir at
Suzanne’s church through Christmas.

Oops! Time to check the dryer!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

One thought on “Melissa, TX”

  1. Ah the joys of having a friend with whom one can sit quietly and share! It is so good to be able to spend what I believe is real quality time with Becky again. Toward the end of the week we hope to work our little donkey boys at learning how to drive. Becky and I train much alike, so again, the joy is in sharing.

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