Advent 1

It is December 3rd. It is 80 degrees outside. Yes….eighty. At least that is what our outdoor temperature sensor says. The weather app on my iPad says 76 in Melissa and we are generally a bit warmer than Melissa so I believe the 80! It can be hard to think of winter things, including the coming of Christmas, when it is 80 degrees but the Advent wreath Jenn and I made proclaims it.

We won’t be decorating much. We carefully put seasonal decorations in a special box to bring with us and then left it in storage with our winter coats! The coats are not an issue at least not just now but we will have to use the home made wreath and other creative ideas to ‘make’ Christmas when the time comes. Jenn was bemoaning the lack of Christmas stockings, more of a tradition for us than even a tree, but we will make do. Perhaps we’ll use simple gift sacks this year instead.

We are fortunate in that Christmas has always been more about the reason for the season than about the decorating, presents and other hoopla. I am fortunate also in that I get to sing! At least I hope. The hearing in my left ear is a lost cause but the right one has been better so I can hear well enough to experience the joy of the music rather than having to work so hard to hear that singing is just that work rather than worshipful. Unfortunately I have a nasty cold so missed singing for Advent 1. I just hope this clears up soon without making Jenn and Glen miserable too! As Jenn said this morning “Mom I know we are supposed to share but…”.

I hope you are all experiencing a blessed and healthy Advent!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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