I am reading a book – The Fortune Quilt by Lani Diane Rich. Bottom line it would likely be classed as a romance and I generally avoid those. This one attracted my attention because it was free for Kindle, I love quilts and …hmmm I can’t remember…there was something else in the description but anyway I’m enjoying it.

In the book there is a fair amount of discussion about towering, or being towered and thus the title of this entry – Towered. So, of course, you ask what does that mean? Well it is actually based on a Tarot card – the tower and before you ask I have no issue with tarot cards, iching, runes and the like if one thinks of them as ways to think about their life, not fortune telling. More on that, perhaps but at some other time. The Tower card in tarot represents change; a complete tearing down of what has been to built something new and different.

It is not unusual for us to experience Towering in our lives at one time or another and I certainly have experienced it. Matter of fact I have been towered more than once. I have had my life ripped apart and rebuilt on several occasions. It is interesting that when I typed ‘rebuilt’ I stumble fingered it and the autocorrect on my iPad tried to make it ‘rebirth’. Not a bad analogy as rebuilding your life can be a rebirth.

My most recent towering was the change from being gainfully employed to being retired, from living in an apartment to living on the road in our RV. These two changes have rocked my life and set it on a new path where I’m still finding my footing and balance. Other things have been towered along the way too. You may remember our saying that if you want to hear God laugh you need only tell Him your plans. Part of our plans for RV Ministries have been towered leaving us much in doubt regarding how the rebuild will take place yet always trusting it will be as God wishes.

So why am I bringing this up? Well Advent is the start of the new year for the Christian church. It is a new beginning. Even as the earth is dying and entering a period of winter sleep waiting to be reborn in the spring we too enter a phase of waiting for our Lord. We have an opportunity to choose a little towering of our own. What about past expressions of Advent and Christmas might need to be towered in your life so you can experience the rebuild that God has planned for you?

Has your life experienced towering? How is the rebuild going?

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

2 thoughts on “Towered”

  1. Interesting re-use of words…towering: a verb (?) and object (?), a noun (!). As my brother-in-law says in his books, we are repacking our bags as we re-imagine/rebuild our lives. There are surely times that we can’t see through the forest, and must trust God to know which way he is pointing us. For me, now is such a time. With Eric sick and not improving, my focus has, by necessity, shifted, and probably will continue to shift for some time. I must trust that God knows what is best for me, but, as ever, it’s hard to let go–and keep letting go. Fortunately for me I have my faith and my friends who are there for me to walk with me.

  2. Letting go is tough. We go to the altar, lay our burdens there but as we leave we do a ‘well I did not mean to leave THAT there!’ So we rush back to reclaim some or all of what we laid down. It’s leaving our burdens that is the problem not putting them down in the first place.

    Love you guys! We pray daily for you!

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