Your plans vs God’s plans.

Remember how we say if you want to hear God laugh tell him your plans? Well I’m sure if he were one to text he’d be doing LOLs and ROFLs.

Our plans were to go see Jessi, Brandon and the kids before they headed for Japan and then continue our exploration of the US. Well my Mom is not handling our continued absence well at all so instead of continuing our exploration of the US we will head back to the Seattle area.

We’ve recognized the issues but were feeling …..well selfish wanting to do what we wanted but realize we are irritable as we know our plan is not the best one in this case.

We still intend to be here in Melissa, TX until the 5th of January. After all our park fee is already paid and we won’t be heading off in a mad dash. It will be an expensive trip so just balance speed, gas, overnight stays which are more costly than monthly and the stamina of the driver – namely me! Still we will make best speed possible under the circumstances.

I am NOT telling Mom! On the other hand I’m not going to just show up on her doorstep as my niece Shannon did that once and Mom nearly had a heart attack! We’ll tell her when we can say ‘see you tomorrow’ or some such!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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