So it is January 1st 2013. I’ve never been big on resolutions. They all seem to die somewhere along the way. This year is different. I actually wish to make a few resolutions but they are not really associated with the new year. They are ones I’ve had in mind for awhile and been working on, at least somewhat. The resolution is to make myself accountable to all of you by posting them. So….here they are:

Jenn and I have been using our Wii sporadically over the last six months. I’m going to report progress once a week for myself. It is her choice to do so or not for herself.

The purpose of the Wii is weight loss and improved fitness so I’m accountable for that too! When I was lighter I did not need insulin and hope to get back to that point.

I will trim Ginger’s claws. She hates this process and regardless of my care it seems to hurt her so I avoid it but it is better for her if it gets done. She does not care for being brushed but I do that for us as otherwise her fur gets everywhere. Trimming the claws, actually I grind them as this does not bother her as much, needs to be part of the frequent grooming.

It is very easy in our living situation to be lazy: read, play games. I intent to be more active, get more sewing and other projects done.

Last, but not least by any means, I intend to be more consistent with my bible reading and study.

Now…if you wish to be accountable too feel free to start a blog of your own or simply comment here! I am going to do a simple post that is for anyone to add comments on their progress or lack thereof!

Happy New Year and blessings on you and yours!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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