Return to Pacific NW

The location is not perfect but the park is. We will be at Travel Inn in Elma, WA when we arrive in the Pacific NW. We have stayed in this park many times. It is one of our member parks. During the off season we can stay for two weeks for $2/day, week three is $128 then repeat through the off season. During the peak season which starts in April we move to a leased spot for $400/month. At the end of the peak season, if we are still in the area, we go back to the off season area and prices.

My Facebook timeline has a picture of the lodge. The laundry facility is nice and includes a table I can sew at while waiting on the wash. There is an outdoor seasonal pool which Jenn and I enjoyed last summer a lot! Nice restrooms with showers, pool table, table tennis, just lots of nice stuff. Nice folks too! We did have a difference of opinion with one staff member but she came around. We have friends in the area as there is a group that meets regularly for bible study.

In addition to bible study there is a crafting group, a men’s coffee club ( they might object to my calling it that! This is just a bunch of the guys that gather for coffee first thing in the morning; staff before starting work and others who drop in). They routinely do potlucks and other group activities, some are seasonal but others are not.

This is the park where the idea of being the face of Christ to the RV community really started and a perfect place to continue to grow the idea.

At this time we expect to arrive in the area late February or early March. It is our intention to visit our friends at St. John – both in Kirkland and in Olympia but we will attend church regularly closer to ‘home’.

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One thought on “Return to Pacific NW”

  1. This has been an intense couple of months, but the resolution, which is not perfect from our perspective, may be perfect from God’s perspective. Once again, God laugh’s and we obey! The park is truly an old friend. After checking out absolutely every place north of town, in an attempt to stay at St. John’s we have been pretty well directed to our favorite park in the area. This will allow each of us to more completely explore our ministry potentials, both at the park and at the local Church which is a small church (St. Mark’s, Montesano) which is staffed by non salaried clergy who seem to help as needed. We will be here, God willing, at least until Becca’s mom goes home, or until God Laugh’s again!

    Blessings, Glen+

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