Adventures in Rawlins, WY

Trip so far….stopped at a Walmart in Blackwell, OK. Shorter day than hoped but had to stop for an oil change in Denton, TX at the Camping World there before we could proceed. Next day we encountered heavy winds as we ventured across Kansas so only made it to WaKeeney, KS. We chose to stay in a KOA as my arm was really hurting and wanted a really solid night’s sleep. Easily made Strausburg, CO next day. Stopped early to rest weary bones and let Jenn do school work.
Today has been an adventure. Now, of course, you call it an adventure when things go astray and you lose the path or end up taking a different one or stuff just plain goes wrong!

Today was going well but we were having some stability issues and started hearing odd noises. Sounded as we had a flat tire. Stopped and checked and all appeared well. Continued on. We decided to stop, actually not far from our expected destination for the night, for a late lunch. As we stopped there was a clunky sound. Again we looked, checked everything out and all seemed well but as we started out the odd noise returned only louder and more insistent.

While the noise continued we sought the park we’d intended to stay in. It is still closed for the season. Tried to get into another but missed the turn and ended up back on the interstate. Noise would sound for a bit and then stop but now was pretty constant. Got off the interstate and started to setup for the night in a Flying J truck stop. While I checked on the regs with the management and asked about an RV service center, Glen and Jenn checked out the RV again. What they saw was that one side of the sway bar appeared to be cocked at an odd angle compared with the other side.

Called Good Sam Roadside assistance as the manager of the Flying J did not know where to suggest we go. Good Sam put us in touch with Norman Truck and Trailer back to the east about 5 miles. We drove there clunking all the way! at low speed!

Another customer was ahead of us, simple flat on the BIG rig hauling double fuel tankers. Larry is an over the rode pastor! Uses Facebook and his presence when he can to minister to other truckers! Obviously we talked while his tire was changed. With Larry back on the rode Seth turned to our rig.

An interesting fact….springs should come in pairs! On end of the sway bar which goes from one frot wheel to the other there are two springs but only one on the other side. Oops! Somewhere the spring worked its way loose and fell off taking the holding bolds with it. It’s loss is why the coach seemed so unstable and the wobble of the wheel was the clunky noise we heard as it slammed sideways and back. Yikes!

Being looked after here folks! No damage to the tire or the rest of the running gear. Just need to replace the spring and…..oops! Can’t acquire a spring! The springs come with the anti-sway bar kit. I’ll be in touch with Camping World tomorrow as they did the install only 7 or 8 months ago.

We are stuck in Rawlins, WY until we can get this fixed.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

One thought on “Adventures in Rawlins, WY”

  1. Aw sweetie, sometimes God just tests us hard, doesn’t He? Will pray for a quick solution! Maybe Camping World will have an equitable solution. At least you’re at a place where they can take care of you!! And think of the positive side–you get a rest and your arms can recuperate!! Bet they hurt after fighting that sway bar for so long! Seems to me that Rawlings has some neat stuff associated with it. maybe you can see some of it. :+) Love you all!!

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