To my dizzy friends

As part of the Seattle Dizzy group I was asked about my issues so I decided to write this.

I am one of the lucky ones as I function pretty normally – that is, to see me on an average day you would think I was normal. Of course there are days when I am more “normal” than others!

My first severe experience with dizzy stuff was at a meeting of the Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande in Albuquerque, NM. I woke up one morning dizzy to the point of crawling to the bathroom and being horribly sick every time I moved. I got some better that afternoon and managed to only yell for Glen to stop the car for me to jump out once on the drive back to Artesia, NM later that day.

The next some days were difficult as I attended various appointments. Some days I could function to some extent others not at all. It was over a month before I felt confident on waking that the day would be “normal” but this normal was a new normal. It was a normal where I caught myself before I fell against the wall rather than having the wall catch me. It was always having one hand on a stable surface. It was swallowing carefully, leaning down slowly, standing slowly and being quick to sit down as needed.

Today my normal is much closer to “normal” at least on most days. Standing on a stool is iffy as I’m never completely sure I’ll get down safely but I’m short so stools are a part of life and I just deal with it. Picking something up from the floor is rarely a problem unless I have to lay on the bed and reach over the side. That is always going to make me dizzy. I danced but a simple twirl is beyond me now – I just don’t. It’s been long enough I have to think about what is different as so many things are just in the “I don’t do that” category and I don’t necessarily remember when I stopped doing certain things. Swinging the grand children in circles is not something Eion and Emma will ever experience with this grandma as it just isn’t possible. Other people can swing them I just do not dare for their own safety as well as mine.

I have never been given a diagnosis. Early on I was told to stop drinking the local water which has a high mineral value. I drink heavily filtered water or bottled. I am careful of what supplements I take for this reason also.

Today I am retired as after four years without steady work I gave up looking. I would not want to work a standard commute to a full day as I do not think I could. I am nearly always a bit “off” but not badly enough to cause problems and I do have many days when I’m perfectly fine. This summer we went to Disney with the grands and I went on Star Wars and only mildly regretted it from a dizzy standpoint. I enjoyed it enough to be glad I did it anyway!

That is essentially the bottom line- how much will I regret doing this? is a question I must ask myself a lot! The answer determines how I live my life.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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