Life is tough at 96

A me! Life is tough at 96!

One day last week…well actually twice in the week I took my Mom to the doctor. After the first trip we stopped for lunch. It had been a long appointment and was past ‘feeding time’, her words not mine! at Wesley. She got to talking about her upcoming birthday, said some stuff about only getting one card last year and no one coming to see her!

Well it irritated me and I found it very hurtful. For one thing it was just after my birthday and she had not called me, given me a card or acknowledged it in any way and this was the second year in a row! I was too sharp with her as I recognize at 96 she doesn’t remember but it was not ok for her to forget that three of her granddaughters, one great grandson and two son-in-laws were with her on Easter Sunday just prior to her birthday with cards, cupcakes and presents! I also knew she’d received a number of cards and visits not long after her birthday from other family!

Anyway as we talked it came out that she’d forgotten my birthday which I only mentioned because I wanted her to stop fussing about people ‘forgetting her’ when she could not count on her memory of what really happened and might be forgetting others!

So on her birthday I called late afternoon as we were moving the RV and attending bible study earlier. During the conversation she told me a variety of strange things including that her sister, Becky, yes I am Becky her sister is Phyllis, and one of her nieces, only she said granddaughter, came to visit. Along with her joy concerning a variety of visitors she again talked about no one acknowledging her birthday last year! I let it go with ‘now Mom you know you don’t remember things very well’ and tried to leave it at that. Then she suddenly got off on the topic of my birthday and how excited she’d been to have a girl. Some more remembering stuff and suddenly she says ‘oh Becky! I forgot your birthday!’ and began to cry.

Ah me! Life is tough at 96.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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