Life is good

Every day…I started to write every now and then but every day is truth! I have to remind myself that life is good! We get in trouble when we forget that! I am sitting in my chair outside. It is a chill 52 and misty,foggy but loverly! Unlike Liza Doolittle I do not require a warm hearth to find it loverly!
The dogs are roaming about on their long lines, Sissy does not understand leashes – I just unwrapped hers from around one hind leg for the second time this morning and we have not been out long. It smells good! Fresh and clean and of coffee! The coach is backed into its space against the fence with the road on the other side so it is a bit noisy. Heavy with logging trucks the last few days but it is quiet at night so not an issue. Between trucks I can hear a dove cooing. Mr. bluejay just flew in for a brief grounding. The dogs make him nervous so he left again. When I leave the dogs inside I have significantly more wild company! but the dogs enjoy this time as much as I do! Oops! Gotta rescue Sissy again! She is wrapped around the stepstool! AARG! And now they have my leg caught between the leashes! Times like this I wish for a portable enclosure of some kind that I could put up in a flas around our space and put down easily when I’m not out here. If wishes were fishes……but life is good! A neighbor is headed my way.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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