Children of one God

I have been reading Nelson Mandala’s autobiography. Over and over there is a common theme centering around the idea of what is right and the support of Christians for that right. Many times people are specifically identified as having been converted by Christian missionaries of one denomination or another but the converters do not seem to see the need to treat their converts as children of the same God!

Author: bdeshaw

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One thought on “Children of one God”

  1. Likely because that is the tendency in Christianity…especially AMERICAN and EUROPEAN Christianity today. Heck, it is the trend in Theists today! The Christians believe the Jews and the Muslims worship different Gods, which is absolutely untrue. Middle East Christians refer to God as Allah…the Arabic Word for God.

    Than the Christians…well the Catholic and Protestants tend to believe their folks believe in different Gods, and the Anglicans and Orthodox are out there somewhere too! And if your opinion of God is a bit different from mine…well we believe in DIFFERENT Gods. We cant just understand God a bit differently from each other.

    The tendency is for missionaries…especially foreign missionaries, to convert folks to the God of the Missionaries denomination, not the God of the Universe. No wonder they can’t make any difference in our broken world!

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