Sixth Sense

Watching the movie Sixth Sense this morning for the I do not know how manyth time. I really like this movie. I like the dog, for one thing, who appears to recognize the presences the boy sees. I like it for a lot of reasons not the least of which is some of the occurrences I’ve experienced.

The strongest issues I’ve experienced and most recent were in our apartment in Bellevue before we moved to the RV. Here, like in the movie, our dog reacted to ‘stuff’ in the apartment and I did too. We had what we called ‘visitors’. Several characters were seen in the hall and laundry room one of whom was a large, black lab but most were people. They did not seem malevolent so I did not fuss over them until one day Jenn acknowledged having been frightened by the sudden appearance of one of the visitors. THAT was not ok so each visitor in turn was quietly asked, in the name of Jesus, to leave. We did finally reach a point were we had no more visitors.

Why are they here? What exactly are they? What do they want, if anything? I do not know but I do know they hear and obey when asked to leave in the name of our Lord and that is all I need to know!

The other question I frequently ask is Why do I see them? I believe the answer to that is because I believe and will ask them to leave which I suspect is what they really want.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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