Nine things that will disappear in your lifetime

A recent Facebook post spoke of these nine things-
1. The Post Office
I use eMail, UPS and FedEx with a rare trip to the post office. I admit surprise that they have lasted through the last 5 years or so.

2. The Bank Check
Likely but odd that one of the checks I actually have to send in paper is to a WA State agency! The only others are either a call to use a credit card or a paper check.

3. Newspaper and I would add magazines
Oh my! Whatever will the extreme couponers do?! I get my news from the Internet or soft copies of magazines with a little TV.

4. Hard copy books
I do enjoy the feel of a well bound book in my hand and still prefer my study bible in hard copy so I can write in the margins and highlight! But otherwise I am perfectly content with eReaders of one kind or another. I borrow more books from the library than ever before because borrowing electronic is so easy when we are traveling. Besides, just were in my RV would I put our hundreds and hundreds of books?

5. Land line telephone
Even the ‘I have fallen and can’t get up’ services can be tied to a cell phone these days. We do have a hard wired line but it is for Internet as mobile hotspot is too expensive and the cable company that serves this park has not caught on to the idea of providing Internet.

6. Music
I have no comment on this one so will leave it to the person who posted the original list. The general idea for those who don’t see the original post had to do with the idea that new, experimental we’ll say music is being squashed because of greed and corruption. Well like I said…I have no comment here.

7. TV
As in Network TV. We watch shows, movies and such via Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and the like so I certainly get this.

8. Owning things
Specifically hard copy books, CDs, software and such. I get it! My music is all in the cloud….well the 200 CDs I ripped before we moved to the RV are and the multitude of others still in storage will join them. Much of the software I use was downloaded and some I rent on a month to month or as needed basis so I do get this one too. Larry Elison of Oracle was ahead of his time when he came up with the idea is everything being in the cloud.

And finally…
9. Privacy
Unfortunately I do see an issue here and I protest! I choose to share my life through Facebook with friends and in general do not have a wide casting as few of my Facebook friends are friend of a friend types but rather true friends. On the other hand I fear we are losing our privacy in many ways. I have, for instance, been bugged for weeks by a telemarketer who wants to a reverse mortgage or refinance our home! Something wrong here…..we live in an RV! I have no idea how they got the number and am increasing irate when I ask to be removed from the list, ask to speak to a manager, report them as not compliant with the do not call list and still get these calls! Of course this is a minor example of how we are losing our privacy but it is a good example of the problem!

So now what? Well in places where we would like to not lose these things we need to take action by insuring in many cases the continued profitability of the enterprise. Don’t want books to disappear? Buy hard copy books! Certainly I want hard copy books in the hands of my grandchildren! and I do buy my study bible in hard copy. That and my privacy are the only items of real concern on this list.

Which ones do you think will vanish? Which ones do you care about?

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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