Windows 8

This is very odd. I just got a new laptop. Old one was dying, seriously dying of a variety of maladies. The new one is a Windows 8 platform. It is odd that this is sort of a ‘tween’ platform as there are aspects that are very iPad and aspects that are very windows. This app I’m using right now is an example. There are apps that are similar in flavor and feel to the iPad apps. They act like iPad apps in many ways but, oh yeah, there are the standard windows things too.

Anyway……Not what I really wanted as I’d hoped to hold out until I could afford to buy a Mac but at the same time I’m having a great deal of fun playing with Windows 8! and oh by the way, will be able, once I finish configuring everything, get back to the task of finishing Good Shepherd’s web site! It was not possible on the old machine as it was just too dead to deal with!

Current issue is trying to get my Logitech headset to function. It does work for listen….now to check and see if the mic works. THAT has been an adventure! I called HP who told me to call Logitech who told me to call Microsoft who assured me that for !#%!#$%^ dollars they could assure me that they could/would help! YIKES! You can imagine my response to that! Called AMD (this is my first computer with an AMD processor rather than Intel) but they were closed. Called Best Buy where I bought the computer. They were very sympathetic but said I’d need to take it in to the store. Glen suggested trying the 2.0 USB port (there are 2 3.o USB ports and 1 2.0 USB port on the machine) and…voila! it appears to be working! so WHY COULD LOGITECH NOT SUGGEST THIS!!!!???? Anyway…it looks like I win!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

2 thoughts on “Windows 8”

  1. Oh that is so exciting!! what a time you will have! How is windows 8? I’ve been wondering. Is it a great deal different from 7? Did you get an HP? I really have had minimal problems with my HPs, and I’ve had three of them: one desktop, and 2 laptops. They are heavy though. Is yours. I know they have gotten so much lighter. We should set up a time to skype. :+) Miss you kiddo.

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