Restoring files

OK I am again happy with Mozy. For those who don’t know…Mozy is an online backup service. We’ve used it for YEARS – like since the company came on the scene. With the purchase of my new computer I needed to restore my files. Well first let’s start at the beginning….Our account allows three computers. Glen’s, Mine and Jenn’s are our three. My new computer had to take the place of my old computer. No problem. Mozy has a plan for this and it worked well but then I had to FIND and then restore the files from the old computer. HERE is the trouble. The interface shows files either by most recent – which is only the files from the new computer or by date. Well I actually had a range of about 7 days as to when my last backup was done. Who knew I’d need to be specific? Finally, choosing the day I bought the new computer and did its first backup produced NO FILES! OOPS! Change date to the previous day…AhHa! files! Choose to restore all as I knew I could do a ‘do not overwrite’ existing files. Because of the amount of data I knew this would do a compressed download which Mozy would manage and expand for me…OOPS!!!! No workee! ERROR!!! Told me there was an error as the file (the compressed download) was invalid! INVALID!!!???? EEK!

Well I won’t continue with extreme details but it was obvious from the forums that there was an issue with Windows 8!

Mozy released a new version of the tools and Voila! I can get my files! Now it was still WAY too hard to find the folders I wanted to restore but I did find them and the restore did work. So I am again happy with Mozy! and delighted to have all my files back!

By the way…I do not depend on this service to protect truly critical files. I make copies of critical files on multiple media and store them in multiple locations.

The bottom-line? All is well and Life is good! and I do recommend Mozy ( to all!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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