Continuing hospital saga

‘And these are the days of our lives’ some of you will get the reference but don’t worry if you don’t!

Glen has always been an infection factory. He gets infections easily and it is hard to tell as his normal temp is 97 something so a temp of 99 something on him is like 100 to anyone else. In 41 years of marriage, even with serious osteomyelitis which is what led to the amputation, his temp was never over 100 something. This makes it more difficult to diagnosis what is up.

I have been pretty sure he had an infection for some weeks before all this started but his primary care PA was not concerned. As part of all that is going on the teams caring for him are recommending his primary care physician be some one who will recognize and take proper care of his unusual situation.

Meanwhile there is the medicine team, orthopedic team, infectious disease team and two other teams looking after him that I can’t recall the identity of!

He is to have surgery on Wednesday, per the current plan, to clean out infected material in the leg which will mean starting from scratch in the healing of the stump with associated rehab, eventually a new prosthetic, more rehab, etc. we are looking at weeks of recovery.

He is up for SHORT visits – VA hospital, 1660 S. Columbian Way, room 122, 4th floor in the East (C) wing. Cards and notes appreciated too! He has a phone but please ask me privately for the number if you’d like it. I’m going to be protective here a minute……his lungs are sensitive to tobacco smoke and strong perfumes and the like at this time so please be sensitive to this. There is concern for a lung infection since his whole body is involved in this infection.

Meanwhile on the home front…Jenn and I are diligently moving to the new apartment – please message me privately for new address if you need it. St. John’s will have it and can release it to members and known friends too. We have to get everything needful out of the RV and the RV into storage before the end of the month. We had a set back Friday as it took 6 hours for a very inefficient crew from Starving students to move mostly boxes from storage to the apartment! And another yesterday when we failed to locate the remote for the sleep number bed! I either have to locate it or buy another as Jenn and I can’t continue to sleep in the RV after the end of the month. Right now we are sleeping in the RV but living in the apartment with meals being wherever it is convenient based on scheduling.

We all covet your continuing prayers as we work through ‘the days of our lives’

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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