Ginger’s story

I commented on my Facebook page about taking Ginger to see Glen. It helped me remember that I’ve been going to write up Ginger’s story so here it comes!

This sweet face is Ginger. She adopted us in 2000. She was on her own for some while although there is no way to know for sure how long. Evidence suggests she was abused as she had bumps on her ribs indicating she may have had broken ribs. She was extremely shy and spooked easily but she came around. She is a runner which accounts for her being loose. Open the door? Say “bye”. She would likely return but drive up near her in a car with the door open and she’d jump right in!

Ginger developed a strong bond with Glen especially when we were in Artesia and Glen broke his ankle. When we left Artesia and were staying at a friend’s house in the Seattle area Glen had not been feeling well for several days. One day Ginger kept going back and forth between Glen and I and would not leave be until I followed her. We ended up with Glen at the hospital in kidney failure. We noticed that Ginger knew and would alert when Glen’s blood sugar was off or he had an infection. We worked on it to increase her alert reactions and got her registered as a medic alert dog.

She is reactive to Glen but also sometimes to strangers. We were on a walk one day and stopped to talk with a lady in the park. Ginger kept wanting to lick her hands and legs. Finally I asked if she was diabetic. Explained that I wasn’t trying to pry but that Ginger was alerting on her. Sure enough her sugar had been off that morning!

Unfortunately Ginger is now profoundly deaf, nearly blind and has her own health issues as she is 17 but she still knows when Glen is sick and does her best to alert us. In this most recent time she was glued to his side. I was sure from her actions that Glen had another infection. It took awhile but that infection has been found present and is being treated I can’t help but wonder how much easier this would have been if folks had acknowledged the possibility that the dog knew best.

Hooray for Ginger!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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