Update on Glen’s health

It is Labor Day. Jenn and I were up to see Glen this morning. He is better. Friday was spooky. The meds they used for his surgery Friday messed with his brain worse than those of Tuesday’s surgery. Today he is pretty much himself but having some issues choosing how much of what he experienced Friday to trust was med nonsense and how much may have been real. As he says he knows the weird stuff was med induced because he trusts me and I say so and intellectually he knows this but it was real at the time so not so easy to disregard.

Jenn had a few days off work from her nanny job and has been a huge help getting things settled. We still have tons to do to finish moving out of the RV and clean it thoroughly. We were rushed and left the garbage so at the moment it is a bit smelly but I know odor eliminator and a good cleaning will take care of that! It is all just time that I don’t really have and expended energy which I don’t have either! I did sleep better last night and a return to routine will help.

With our things partially in the RV and partially in the apartment we’ve been eating out some and a lot of sandwiches, yogurt and fruit. I had dinner all planned for last night but when I went to start it the stove failed to turn on. I suspected it was not plugged in but could not move the stove to find out. Fortunately the after hours maintenance fellow was available. He said he’d be at least half an hour so we ordered pasta from Pizza Hut. It actually only took less than fifteen minutes for him to appear and fix the problem! We had not planned another meal ‘out’ but the pasta was tasty!

It looks like Glen will come home tomorrow but nothing is absolute when you are dealing with the VA. He will have a power wheelchair of some sort so I will be selling the RV as soon as possible as we will have to have a minivan or SUV to mount a carrier on for the power chair. My understanding is that when the VA prescribes a power chair they pay for a left and mounting which will help but I still have to find a suitable vehicle. The sale of the RV will cover these expenses.

There will be a page on Phoebe’s Place with details regrading the RV. It will likely appear tomorrow or Wednesday depending on my time, the installation of Internet in the apartment and what is happening with Glen. I will post when it is up.

Meanwhile….Sarah A. I am not forgetting you said you were interested and do mean to call. Things have just been so out of hand and I am concerned you may not have thought about the fact that the RV is up here and you folks are down there!

Anyway thus is the continuing saga of our lives!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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