Today our priest provided a list of what folks regret doing or not doing. For example the second most popular response from men is that they regret working so much. I do not recall number one as my response was that it was silly so it obviously did not speak to me but the whole thing got me thinking. What is the primary thing I regret?

I decided it is complaining. Listening to others? No. My own. So what to do? I could just say I’m not going to complain but I share my complaints because I need help! I need prayer when I am ill or when one of my loved ones is ill or when life is dumping on me. So to not complain at all is excessive. I need my complaints to be expressed!

So back to regrets. I think more I regret not listening deeply when someone is expressing their concerns. I need to hear them so I know how to pray just as I wish to be heard. There is a sharing that takes place but it needs to be on a level that is deeper than I am usually willing to go.

I intend to listen more deeply so please feel free to share your troubles, trials and tribulations. We will listen to each other and pray together for each other and those we care about.

I am listening.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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