Praying for and guiding children

Some months ago I bought a new bible. Now there is no lack of bibles in our household as you might imagine! and at the time we were still in the RV so adding something that needed a ‘place’ to live was a potential ‘waste’ of space but I was drawn to this particular bible with a click in my mind and a movement of my hand to pick it up as if it where magnetized. I’ve always been one to obey such impressions as they are nearly always guiding but I do not always understand at the time. In this particular case I felt immediately on opening it that I truly needed this bible! Circumstances conspired to make this important.

Jessi, Brandon and my grandchildren had recently gone to Japan. I pray for Eion and Emma as well as their parents regularly but had been feeling the need for guidance as to how to pray. This bible fits the need perfectly! There are short writings from a variety of authors that are based on a particular passage. The expectation is that the passage will be read also and there is a prayer that also fits the theme. The suggestion is to read these sections daily and pray the prayer while keeping a particular grandchild in mind. For a period of time, 14 days, the same child is the one in focus. As it happened in this cycle Eion was the child in focus on his birthday! How cool is that!

In addition to the writings, suggested readings and prayers there are suggested activities and discussions to assist in guiding the spiritual growth of the children. This bible is a powerful resource for anyone in a position to guide a child be it a grandchild, godchild, a class or a child of their own! My grandchildren are too far for me to have an influence but I can pray.

For interested parties and not meaning to sound like a commercial – It is called the Grandmother’s Bible published by Zondervan in New International Version.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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