A ‘tiny giant’ has passed

Anne was a tiny little thing but she did so much for so many and loved so! It is because of these things someone labeled her ‘tiny giant’.

Anne was the giant when it came to providing care for her husband. All are deeply concerned for him with the passing of his caregiver.

The passing of a caregiver is a serious issue for many especially in today’s world with family spread out. Sure you want to stay in your own home but caregiving is a strain on body and soul and then you add all the housekeeping chores, shopping, etc. it becomes exhausting.

So think…..as a couple is it better to stay in your home or to remove the strain and share life longer?

Glen and I recently made this choice. Glen gets along on his own but admits if I am out and will be back not long after he really wants lunch he will wait for me to return so I can make it. He gets lonely if I am gone but I enjoy volunteering at Little Bit and it helps keep me fit. He can’t go places on his own easily as it either needs to be within range of his power chair, his limited walking ability or via Metro Access. Life stuck in our home is not a lot of fun for him. He requires more of me than he did some years ago and we recognized this was not likely to become less but would become more as time went on. So….we made the choice.

We now live in a continuing care retirement community. We are in independent living. We take our meals in the dinning room. The food is generally tasty with only an occasional dud (I do not recommend the turkey pot pie) and for the most part service is excellent. Our space is cleaned every other week and our sheets, towels and such are laundered every week. I am free to do my thing and Glen can attend one of many fun things going on here, take a roll, as opposed to stroll, over to the local library while I am out and still get a tasty lunch!

As time goes on and one or both of us require more care the continuing care nature of this place has an assisted living facility on the grounds. As it happens my mother is there currently. If the need arises there is also a skilled nursing facility.

It is comforting to our daughters and family to know that we are set…..for life. Because of the nature of this facility we will never be ‘thrown out’ if funds are lacking. We are truly set for life.

So…how about you! Are you a caregiver? Is your continued health in jeopardy because of the strains of giving care? Is it possible your life together will be shortened as your health suffers from these strains? Are you family for someone where the caregiver is struggling? Please! Consider the health and wellbeing of all in the relationship and take steps for the continuing good health of all.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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