Little reason

Last night as I was headed out to meet some of ‘the girls’ for beverage of your choice and eatables mom called. I told her I was going out but Would I please stop by. She told me when I got there she had something to say so please come back when I returned. She asked about where I was going which I responded to.
At 8:45 while still at the gathering, Mom called. Why hadn’t I come to see her? I explained I was still out and she said she wanted to see me. So I left with apologies to the group. When I got to Mom’s she was not wearing her hearing aids as the nurse on the floor had already collected them. Mom then proceeded to explain how she wasn’t going to call me all the time or insist that I come see her. What? Didn’t I just leave an event because she insisted I come? Oh and of course she could not hear me ask her to please explain how insisting I come see her to tell me she wasn’t going to do this exact thing could possibly be reasonable. I didn’t bother as there is very little reason here.

She just called… come I had not called her? How come she had not seen me in days? Hmmm. Just over twelve hours and I spend several hours yesterday afternoon too. Ah me! And it was such a lovely afternoon! I will remember it fondly I do so wish she remembered it at all.

Like I said very little reason…..I will take my knitting as has become my custom and spend time after lunch. Too bad she won’t remember it.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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