Accepting Change

I’ve been noticing that ‘things’ are different. Duh! Something about moving to a retirement community and getting older! But something’s are a bit of a surprise….

I rarely have really bad days with my fibro but am having more dizzy issues , not vertigo which I was used to but simple dizziness, and my left heal is more troublesome. On the other hand some things don’t change as my left hip, knees and shoulder continue troublesome. 

‘Troublesome’ that is my personal code for ‘painful’ I hate saying it that way! I just refuse to give into it so it is ‘just’ troublesome.

I also notice I get tired more easily especially when driving very far. A day when we go to the VA in downtown Seattle can be exhausting even though it’s just a drive there, sit around and drive home.

On the other hand…..we are staying active and to some extent are actually more active. Chair yoga provides really good stretching on Tuesday and Thursday and water exercise on Monday, Wednesday and Friday allows each of us to push as hard as we are comfortable with. I get a bit out of breath during the session and at times want to stop a particular activity as my arms or legs are sore but I keep going! Of course there are frequent walks with Sissy! 

There are other kinds of active too! We take part in Brain Fit each Monday-in class and homework activities to use your brain to solve puzzles using word, math and logic. Bingo once a month which is just plain fun! Glen is learning to crochet. I’ve always got at least one knitting project and a sewing project in the works. I work 4 hours on Wednesday at the church. Practice with ‘Joyful Noise’ and choir at church keep the flute and vocal pipes tuned up and is good for breath control which also exercises the diaphragm. I play games (cards and Rummikub) with others here two evenings a week. I’m part of the planning for VBC for St. John’s.

I miss Little Bit. I acknowledge it is just too far to drive there as a regular thing and I am busy but hope to at least get to know the horse that is pastured up the street and around the corner. That will satisfy the need for horse contact and other things take care of the need to be useful. I do drop in at Little Bit when I have something requiring me to be east of the lake for some reason.

I’m learning to be sensible about what I eat so my weight is dropping. At first it was very tempting to eat too much because so many things I really like are available, especially at breakfast, which has always been my favorite meal.

All in all being retired is good! I like having some one else cook and clean. Sometimes I look at the menu and groan but it is rare and the optional items on the menu are good! Sunday is the only day there are no options available. Still… is good!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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