Every ten years

A friend has a new decade birthday today and wrote of the previous ones. I decided it was a good idea but don’t want to wait four years until I’m 70 to do it so….

1959: 10 years old – much of my childhood runs together……Fifth grade at Jefferson Elementary. I’d been a Girl Scout for a few years. That and playing flute and singing were huge in my life as was church. Grandpa Donald took over my bedroom and I slept on a camping cot in a corner of the kitchen addition. Scout camp at River Ranch and church camp at Indianola were highlights.

1969: 20 years old – in college at Central Washington in Ellensburg. Had discovered a love of working with computers but held to the idea I wanted to be a teacher. This is the era when I was engaged but gradually coming to realize this was not my forever love.

1979: 30 years old – Glen and I had been married for 7 years! Jessica would turn 3 this year. We’d moved back to Seattle from Atlanta, GA and I was working at Boeing. I was starting my masters in software engineering at Seattle U.

1989: 40 years old – Child number two, Jennifer, was 8. In the last decade we’d moved to Whidbey Island and then back and then to Long Beach, CA. When we first arrived in California I worked for a small software company, then Nichols Institute and then Oracle. 

1999: 50 years old – we bought our first house since the Bothell house in 1978. The house was in Tracy, CA. I also bought my first horse! Secret was (actually as I write this she is still around just nolonger mine) a wonderful companion. 

2009: 60 years old – hmm looks like this published but I wasn’t really ready. Oh well…..might as well take a breather and finish this later.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

2 thoughts on “Every ten years”

  1. Great idea Becky. I wonder if I can dig around and dust off enough memories to do that. This is the “9” year for me. 70 in in March!!

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