While living in SE New Mexico Glen and I attended the annual conference of the Diocese in Albuquerque. While there I had a whirly gig, nauseated two days that continued after returning home for two weeks. During that time I had several appointments between my GP and an ENT and continued to be unable to walk across the room for nearly a month.

Changes in water (heavily filtered), supplements (no minerals especially no calcium), meds (different allergy pill) and a lot of PT did eventually get life under control but never truly balanced. I’ve adapted to the fact that I am nearly always a bit out of whack. Friends and family will tell you I’ve always been a bit whacky but in this case we are talking about physical balance!

The thing that helped most was the PT in that I learned to recognize ‘off’ before I fell and to correct my body position. This works because I recognize a change in the pressure from one foot to another indicating I’m leaning, generally, to the right. It is rare that I notice too late and am fortunate that in the 10 years or so I’ve only fallen a few times. I do sometimes find myself suddenly leaning on a wall and grateful that it was only the wall I hit!

Core strengthening exercises help to hold balance, one of the benefits I get from horseback riding, as well as Wii, dance, swimming, etc.

Last Thursday, August 27th started a four day run of the worst vertigo I’ve had in some years. Yesterday, Monday, August 31st I felt ok again and today I have more energy and feel better than in weeks. Tomorrow? Who knows? but always life is good!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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