Grow lawn not crab grass

There is a lot of evil in our world. We could pray simply for the evil to be removed but more than that is needed. The evil grows. We need to remove the seeds, the water and fertilizer that allow the evil to grow. Otherwise like a weed that grows back when pulled from the soil, it will return. Reminds me of crab grass. You pull and pull and you see the runners coming up out of the ground feet from where you are and ……pop!…it breaks but the runner and roots are still there. How do we get rid of it? How do we change that thick, unyielding shaft into the beautiful soft grass we want to see?

Well with grass you have to strip the ground down to below the roots of the crab grass, bring in good soil, till the ground, fertilizer tilled in, plant good seed and water well. Any bits and pieces of grass in the patch of crab grass will be destroyed too.

Now that is the problem! It’s ok with grass to destroy the good grass too but how to do this when the crab grass is evil people and the good grass is those who oppose the evil? 

I pray that God will convince the evil people that those who lead them are wrong. God does not want them to kill others in His name! God is love! God is peace! When our prayers reach one that person will reach another until the lawn begins to replace the crab grass.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

One thought on “Grow lawn not crab grass”

  1. It is so very easy to lose the battle with evil when we forget that such a battle exists. Even easier when we forget that God expects us took stand up for a good and beautiful world and face down any of a variety of evils because we feel this overwhelming need to become “tolerant”. We allow and even encourage behavior that God prohibits, just so we can appear to be oh so inclusive and living, etc. It is not living to allow our children to place a hand on a hot stove so as not to discourage free exploration of their environs. It is highly appropriate when we see someone we live getting ready to jump off the parapet of the Temple to shout out a warning to them. We cannot ignore the dangers. It isn’t living, our ok to ignore a friend’s actions when God has laid down certain laws for our protection. Good dices us rules for behavior that are to lessen the heartache of life. Good doesn’t say it is ok to cheat on our spouse, practice serial monogamy (geek, the first five wives were ok, maybe the next 5 will be better). Sure encourage the kids to try maximum sexual experimentation, the geek with the moral war and tear on the soul. And then, when have managed to convince the world that there are no moral absolutes outside of just doing what we want with no moral ramifications, we see an action like the recent mass murder binge in Paris. And the world shows us what the logical outcome of our ethical relativistic behavior. You see, if the final basis for judgment is convenience so that my life is not restricted, then there is no basis for describing various actions as evil. Unintentionally we have have provided justification… That is a justification for those heinous actions where innocents are slaughtered Inc cold blood. Maybe it’s time to wake up, quit pretending that evil DOES exist, that our personal moral compass isn’t as great as we think. I know evil when I see it. Maybe we should start calling a spade a doggone shovel, and quit feeling the need to blush when we point out evil when we see it.

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