‘Christmas 2015’ with updates

I have been neglecting this blog as I write on Glen’s Caring Bridge but felt I should put a copy of the Christmas letter here.

Christmas 2014 and beyond and updated for 2015

I sent a letter at Christmas, well shortly after, but my family told me it was a terrible mess and stuff has changed so……hopefully this is more readable!

It has been awhile since I wrote a Christmas letter but I promise not to try to catch you up on all the twists and turns in our lives! Let’s just hit the highlights of where everybody is and what they are doing now. Yikes! I started this in early 2015 and neglected it so I better update it for 2015 and the first three months of 2016. 

Our oldest, Jessi, and her husband Brandon with their two children, Eion and Emma spent three years in Missawa Japan as Brandon was stationed there with the Air Force. They are to return stateside in March and will be at Holloman in Alamogordo, NM. They will come through Seattle for a few days.

Jenn is in a studio apartment in Renton. She continues to attend St. John in Kirkland where she is in charge of the nursery and is a Godly Play Storyteller. In September of 2015 she took a job at Faith Lutheran Preschool. She is enjoying it a great deal.

My Mom died March 14, 2015. I miss her at times. At others I thank God as she died in her sleep and with pain and dementia issues was not doing well. 

Sissy has been an important part of our household and, although larger than other dogs here, is welcome! As she is 13 she likes being a couch warmer between journeys outside to do her business and runs on a back corner of the grounds unencumbered. In really bad weather she runs in the multi-purpose room on the lower level. She will ‘retire’ when Jessi and Brandon and kids return state side. We will miss her but she is their dog.

We have been residents of Wesley Terrace since October 11, 2014. We occupy two studios that are side by side. We use one as a bedroom and the other as a sitting room. We are on the third floor with a sort of southeast view that includes a peek at Mt. Rainer through the telephone wires. There is no door between the units but it is only a minor issue to walk between on the terrace or down the hall. Just over a year later we are still very happy here.

Glen spent many months using his power chair as the VA made a new leg but it was not functional. Finally another new one and he is back on his feet. He had some shots in his back which were only partially helpful. He lives with the pain. Things have changed again as in February (2016) Glen was diagnosed with liver cancer. I setup a Caring Bridge site so we can easily keep friends and family updated. Www.caringbridge.org/visit/glendeshaw

For those who get this via snail mail I printed out the journal. 

We take part in a variety of actives here at The Terrace. In August of 2015 I had to stop going to Little Bit. The balance issues I have are worse. I’ve only fallen once but will not endanger the riders, horses or me!

Transportation and time were issues if we remained at St. John so we are attending St. Columba’s which is very close. I am the church administrator – only 4 hours a week. I am a storyteller for Godly Play as well as singing in the choir. I play my flute some at St. C’s but way more at Wesley. 

Making music is one of the best things about living at Wesley. We call our group A Joyful Noise and we make music most Monday afternoons. In addition to my flute we have Roberta on violin and Anne another flute. We play once a month for the vesper service and other occasions like the Musical Montage presentation a group of us did. We even have a DVD!

All in all life is good! Yes – Glen’s cancer is a serious concern but all we can do is keep on keeping on.

Our current address:

816 S 216th St., T326

Des Moines, WA 98198

Email: Glen – gdeshaw@gmail.com Becca – rdeshaw@outlook.com

Phone: Glen – 425-221-2037 Becca – 206-681-3180

The following URLs are clickable if you are getting this via electronic media otherwise you’ll need to type them into your browser. <sigh> can’t seem to get the URLs clickable using my IPad. 

Becca’s blog: phoebesplace.wordpress.com This is not very active right now as I write on the Caring Bridge site but there is a copy of this there. 

Wesley Homes: http://www.wesleyhomes.org

St. Columba: http://www.saintcolumba.org

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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