After some thought…

Glen has moved to assisted living as many of you know. This happened mid June so about a month ago.

Things are the same but different!


  • Ate meals together
  • Glen spent most of his time in the bedroom
  • I spent most of my time in the sitting room or out and about
  • We went to appointments and church together
  • We said an office together (Compline) part of the time
  • We occasionally got together to play a game.


The above are still true if you substitute “Glen’s room” for “the bedroom” and “My room” for “the sitting room” but there is a difference I did not expect. It is not something I can put my finger on but it is different. This last week has been odd as Glen has not felt well – UTI still/again, and I hurt my foot so have spent more time with my foot up than usual. Also Glen has more frequently eaten lunch in the dinning room on second floor rather than downstairs. This is ok. I encourage his getting to know the other residents and staff in assisted living.

I also have to change a habit. I frequently would change into my PJs after dinner, especially if I was not going to be playing a game with others on the floor. This did not preclude my hopping next door for Compline! Going out and about, down to second floor, in my night-clothes is not acceptable! I have to remember to not change until AFTER Compline! I’m getting better at it and my foot is healing so we should be able to return to sharing compline. It is an important part of our lives.

The last month or so has had another oddity I did not credit at first. My mammogram showed an oddity that bore additional investigation. Thursday this week I had additional views and an ultrasound which showed the oddity was just a lymph node and NOT cancer. The relief was astonishing! I did not realize I was upset! The overall stress of life has had me a bit depressed but until this particular cloud lifted I did not recognize it. So…back to the things that fullfill my life!

  • less sitting, more walks and swimming
  • less tv, more music and reading
  • less phone games, more sewing and knitting
  • less in room time, more time in community

Life is Good! Sometimes I need to remember to celebrate it!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

One thought on “After some thought…”

  1. Changes in life are always hard to handle. I know I never thought at 67 I would be responsible for 5 children. They are precious but with my health issues, I should be in a different space. Hope you have a great day. Glad the mammo came out good love you.

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