Check FIRST!!

I am …upset, angry, etc. with myself to some extent but also with a ‘business man’ who has turned out to be …well a mistake!

Background – May 20th I took my electric pressure cooker to a small appliance repair place in Tacoma. My norm for such things is to research LOTS but this time I did not – that was mistake one. I wasn’t impressed with his attitude but paid the $35 for evaluation and left the appliance with him – mistake two.

After a LOT of effort I still do not have any information about exactly what is wrong or any estimate as to when (or if) it well ever be repaired or what the cost might be. I filled a complaint through the Better Business Bureau which he ignored.

I’d decided to take him to small claims court and wrote a letter telling him so and giving him two weeks to comply or I’d do the small claims court thing. Well -today, two weeks later, I spent some hours in Tacoma at various government offices both city and county. This business is not a business at all.

The website says he has been ‘in business’ for 17 years but the city, county and state do not show he has a business license and, at least in the current name of the business, has NEVER had a business license or paid ANY state or local taxes on said business.

Makes ya go ‘Hmmmmmm’. I will keep track of the progress as the powers that be will be investigating but I do not expect to ever see my electric pressure cooker again. I d not feel safe showing up on his doorstep to even try to get it, let alone my $35, back.

Moral – Check FIRST!!!! and if your antenna (the little voice in the back of your head) says “Do NOT trust this man” LISTEN! I’m going back to my norm of research first and do not trust anybody. Sad isn’t it?

Oh! in case you need a small appliance repaired do NOT go to Mr. TV and Appliance in Tacoma.

To my friends with research experience – how would I find his man’s legal name?  The Who is for the website is not helpful nor are any Yelp or other related sites.


Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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