A Response to Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the book Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I have had issues with the premise of this book since I first heard about it. Sarah speaks of it as being a revelation to her alone directly from Jesus. She is careful to say it is not in the same class as the bible, and that the bible is inerrant, but that the bible is insufficient and that this, as Paul Harvey would say, is ‘The rest of the story’.

The major issue I have with this idea is that it is for HER not US and she offers nothing as to how we might have a similar experience. She claims these are the direct words of Jesus. I find that suspect. When reading I was so turned off by this that I quit reading the book. So please note that what follows is based on the idea of the book not my thorough reading of it. I was so appalled that someone would claim they alone had the direct line to Jesus that I could not continue to read. Well I did finally decide I should read it if I was going to be critical of it. I continue to be dismayed.

I found more and more that this book was being pressed upon me by various sources but largely friends in Christ from church and from Daughters of the King (DOK). These are people I love dearly. I was dismayed at the reverent attitude that people had for this book! Some were treating it on an equal level with the Bible and, in some cases, as being more important, at least in their lives, than the bible. One friend, who had read the book, told me she had never read the bible much and was glad to finally find a devotional she could relate to. YIKES! This book is dangerous if that is where it leads people. One would hope it would lead them TO the bible rather than AWAY!

Much of the material in the book, if not a contradiction of the bible and of what Jesus says in the bible, is at least confusing. I offer the following as an example –

“Learn to hide in the secret of My Presence, even as you carry out your duties in the world.”

This is NOT what Jesus tells us to do in His Word! We are to carry His light to the world not hide in secret!

Jesus speaks to all of us. We are all God’s children. Each is offered the opportunity to commune with God directly. We enter into relationship with Jesus and can walk with Him throughout our lives. Yes, we must listen for that still small voice but it is there for each of us. It is there for ALL of us. When we listen, we hear what God wishes to say to us as individuals.

This book reminds me of the ‘rules’ concerning speaking in tongues and I would recommend using the same rules when considering any writings that are purported to be directly from God. Speaking in a language other than your native tongue is for the edification of the hearer. Not to reveal new information but rather to allow one who has not heard to hear and be taught. So consider just that – Does this book make it possible for one who has not heard to hear and be taught? Well it may allow some who have never read the bible or communed with Jesus to do so but if the word they receive does not match up with what Jesus says then that word is false. If someone spoke the above quoted passage in a ‘tongue’ and the interpretation was as quoted the word would be declared false. Such false words would cause the speaker to be removed from the assembly! Why then do we read this woman and accept what she says?

Please note – I’m not saying my words are direct from Jesus but I do feel I was led to write this. My hope is that it will be food for thought.

Regarding responses and comments: If you flame without any reasoned thought, or to simply say you disagree, your comment will be deleted. Reasoned responses will be considered and likewise, thoughtfully, reviewed and conversation invited.


Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

4 thoughts on “A Response to Jesus Calling by Sarah Young”

  1. I have had much the same reaction. I have one friend who gives a copy to everyone she knows, and she, too, is a DOK. Another DOK friend, who was given a copy by the first friend, seems to treat it with a little much too reverence for my taste. I hope that I am not doing them a disservice by not talking with them about my concerns; but I don’t want to hurt their feelings or do anything that might lead them away from their other studies.

    1. Thanks for the response. Some of what is posted is ok but others contradict, or confuse, what Our Lord said just as somethings in the book are ok. I have tried, for my own personal comfort, to hide things posted by Terri especially since she does not seem to post much except things on this book but the hide does not seem to work.
      I am not hugely scholarly but my husband is a retired priest and I pass this type of thing past him and other scholars of my acquaintance before I publish.
      Please feel free to point folks to this post. I understand your hesitation to interfere or potentially cause hurt feelings but, personally, I would rather cause potential hurt than to have a friend be misled. I think many times we get ourselves in trouble when we do not know the Word of God well enough to see when new things do not match up with that Word. We need to study and encourage others to study His word so we can help lead those we come in contact with.
      As I said earlier – my husband is a retired priest. For years I could not figure out why he had this need to know about every little detail. I finally came to see that I needed to know too if I was to properly guide my children as well as those I am in contact with.

  2. More deeply reasoned than my generally negative reaction to these pieces. i’ve only read a few as I can’t blow them up large enough to read easily on my phone. I haven’t read enough to do an exegetical critique. They remind me of the more syrupy greeting cards — not my style.

    Until I saw your blog piece, I was unaware that they come from a book.
    I thought there was a DOK communications manager writing them.

    1. Hi Laura-
      Thanks for the response. I have been troubled watching the posts based on this book appear on the DOK page. It is unfortunate that things are hard for you to read but in this case you are not missing anything. Some of what is posted is ok although indeed syrupy but others contradict, or confuse, what Our Lord said. I have tried, for my own personal comfort, to hide things posted by Terri especially since she does not seem to post much except things on this book but can’t seem to do so.
      I am not hugely scholarly but my husband is a retired priest and I pass this type of thing past him and other scholars of my acquaintance before I publish.

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