I’m in, I’m out

I can be dramatic. I can be boisterous. I am alive! and do not do plain well. If folks don’t like me or something I do I prefer that they tell me – not some ‘PTB’ (Powers That Be) but ME! Let’s talk. You may not change me but I will listen. On the other hand, I don’t take well to ‘you must do it MY way’ without some response to ‘Why?’ Tell me why I must do things a particular way and I will listen but if I don’t feel I can do it your way I will bow out and leave it to you to do as you wish.

Well – this is about ‘bowing out’.

I don’t plan to ever publish this where the Wesley public will see it so I will be somewhat specific and sanitize it later if I need to. If some see it I don’t plan on I’l have to live with any fallout.

The Program Committee is the folks who plan, arrange for and introduce the programs Wesley has on Wednesday nights. Occasionally these are some other night but it is still The Wednesday Night Program. I’m very interested in these programs although I generally have not been able to attend as Wednesday at St. Columba is choir rehearsal night. As I’ve had to drop choir for now I’ve been even more interested. I’ve been part of several of the programs over the two years Glen and I have lived here all of which were well received.

It is interesting to note that if someone from Wesley, or a relative, is part of the program the attendance is better. Not unexpected. Attendance is also better if there is some enthusiasm expressed for the program when it is announced. Unfortunately, the standard announcement is lacking in enthusiasm. There is no offering of ‘Why you should come’ just a straight comment of what the program is and the time. Attendance is dropping – to the point where the committee is questioning continuing.

I was asked to join the committee to infuse it with new life – after all I am significantly younger than the average committee member. I was also asked to do the announcements. Stuck my foot in this one as I recommended using an announcement that would suggest Why folks would want to attend! So, it was suggested I do the announcements. At the time of this discussion it was mentioned that I’d made announcements before that were fun, entertaining and encouraged folks to attend. Seemed like a good idea to me. If I can generate enthusiasm for a program I can likely explain to others why they too might want to come.

Well – oops! Stepped in it! The PTB doesn’t like it. Not sure if this is a ‘breaking their rice bowl issue’ or something else. I must write out what I would say which would be approved. I was told in no uncertain terms to just tell what the program was in one short sentence – no drama, no enthusiasm, no attempt at generating joy. Obviously those were not the words used but it is what was intended.

I was also told the PTB, who weren’t the PTB at the time, was told that my previous announcements were not appreciated and that I should not be allowed to ‘do that again’. The ‘crime’ was to give a small taste of the program to come and ‘twelve’ people complained to this person who was not the PTB at the time. Hmm this is exactly why the committee thought I’d be a good person to do the announcements! Obviously none of them were part of the twelve.

Problem – We were hoping to generate enthusiasm and attendance! for the programs. It wasn’t working as it was so changing the voice only was not likely to make a difference. We needed to change the manner and content of delivery.

I spent some time thinking about how to respond. Could I do it their way? Was there a middle ground that I could live with? Well it did not seem there was an acceptable middle ground and being me I could not agree to do it their way.

Result? Bowing out. They can do it their way and if the program folds? So be it.

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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