Prayer Beads

I have used prayer beads for many years: Anglican Prayer Beads, Rosary, Prayer Rope…whatever. My favorite is Anglican Prayer Beads. I find making the prayer tool to be important so I started making various types of prayer tools, teaching folks to make them and making them for people.

At Nashotah Glen bought a beautiful set which he used regularly for many years but he misplaced them. He was interested in the Franciscan Rosary so I made him one but also made him a set of Anglican Prayer Beads with matching beads. I wanted him to have the Anglican so we could say our prayers together.

After Glen’s death, I found the Franciscan set in a sandwich bag or rather I found most of the beads from it as it was broken and also found the Anglican one still intact. While Jessi was here we found many of the beads were missing from the Franciscan but were able to gather enough to make a standard Rosary which suits her. She took them with her. Jenn took procession of the Anglican as it suits her!

Along the way I found the misplaced beads from Nashotah. Initially I thought of keeping it or letting one of the girls have it as I still have my favorite set but that just did not seem right. I simply placed it on the shelf to await inspiration! Well inspiration struck!

A friend from our Nashotah days was in Seattle. As we messaged back and forth I knew the Anglican set was for him. We met for breakfast this morning and I gave the set to him. Yes indeed it was exactly right!

It was good to see Rodger and I know the prayer beads – all three sets – have found good homes.


Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

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