Moving? Yes…Moving

Remember I said I wasn’t moving? Well best laid plans and all that. Besides we all know if you want to hear God laugh just tell Him your plans!

So…I am moving. The short version is that Glen had a life insurance policy and I am no longer qualified for the Bishop McConnell subsidy program at Wesley. On the other hand it is not large enough for me to pay full fees and remain solvent for any length of time so….I am moving.

It’s all good! I hate moving – the actual activity that is – and I don’t like leaving my home and friends but I hope to stay in the area.

I am looking at a low-income senior apartment in Seatac. I have an appointment on Tuesday to discuss finances with them. If this doesn’t work out somewhere else will. I am moving.

If The Reserve at Seatac works out, I will be only five miles from St. Columba. I will continue to attend there and continue to work there. Other than changing place of residence things will remain much the same. Activities will change of course as so many things revolved around Wesley activities – Volleyball, exercise classes, game nights, Wesley Encores, Wednesday Night @ The Terrace, Monday Movie Night, Joyful Noise….. Hmmm the more I think about it the more I realize is indeed changing.

Being a mischief maker I’ll have to see what I can get going at the new place! They are too new – not even at full occupancy yet – to have much going on. Hmmm I may have to gather some folks and start some games, a book club, a music group….Who knows what kind of mischief I’ll get into!

Author: bdeshaw

Mom, Grandma, raised a puppy for Canine Companions for Independence

One thought on “Moving? Yes…Moving”

  1. Knowing you – mischief will happen!! – but what a loss for Wesley. Bummer. We are sad to see this happen – but I have to say you do approach life with so much grace and such a positive attitude – a good example to us all. Given lemons – make lemonade. You will be missed. Our lunch dates will take a bit more planning now. Much Love “sister.” Karen

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